Hosting blog giveaways

Hosting blog giveaways

Want to have giveaways on your blog? Follow these tips to hosting a giveaway on your blog, along with helpful tips about choosing prizes. So without further ado, here is Marigold on the 10 Tips for Successful Blog Giveaways. Hosting a giveaway on your blog is a wonderful way to promote yourself. Running a giveaway is not only a great way to promote your blog or a These tools will make running a giveaway on your blog a piece of cake. . is the best giveaway tool available to host a giveaway in your blog or website.
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How does it work – do I need to know how to code?

It was updated on December 22, by Laura Kell. Prabhat Jani Great post mate. Once you have your theme, take a creative and original picture of your giveaway prize to post Hosting blog giveaways Instagram. This supports the Maven widget and search functionality. To download this free contentjust enter your e-mail address below. As I said at the beginning of this post, there are some people who will enter your giveaway just for the free stuff and have no intention of sticking around in the future.

Hosting blog giveaways Moore Thanks for the info,Charnita!

How To Run A Successful Blog Giveaway

I find depending on how I run a giveaway some ways get hundreds of new likes and some generate almost no interest. Giveaways can be an easy way to gain short term traffic in a short amount of time. Giveaways tend to generate interest to a large number of people, but you do need to keep in mind that a lot of people will just stop by for the free goods and then be on their way. Holding a contest can be a great way to attract people to your site who may not have known about you before, and that is always welcome!

Before you begin your giveaway, think about the purpose of it. What is the goal of the giveaway? What kind of outcome are you expecting? Maybe you want more Facebook followers, or more email subscribers. Thinking about this from the start will help with the entire planning process. Obviously the prize is the most important part! It is going to be what attracts visitors to your site and encourages them to enter. First and foremost though, make sure your prize reflects your blog and your readership.

Today we have a wonderful roomer post by Marigold Haske. Marigold is a regular reader and commenter on Meylah, and the author of the craft web site Hideous! Hosting a giveaway on your blog is a wonderful way to promote yourself and draw in new traffic to your website, blog or on the internet business.

Here are some tips to make your giveaway flood smoothly and maximize participation. Be generous and give away an item that makes you proud. Most blog giveaways ask readers to leave a comment to enter the giveaway. Suddenly, only person can enter a giveaway up to ten different ways!

A better solution is to ask for a comment and then offer one additional headway to enter per person, i. About days is a well-thought-out length of time to assembly a giveaway. Much longer, and your readers will forget or lose interest. At the finish of your post, clearly delineate all of the rules of participation.

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How to Host a Successful Giveaway on

Launch and manage your next giveaway in minutes with no coding required. For years, our platform has been trusted daily by some of the biggest names on the web, along with hundreds of thousands of smaller sites all over the world.

We run Rafflecopter the way we wish other companies did business. You can use Rafflecopter as much or as little as you need. We have flexible billing, incredible support, and a good-natured refund policy that you can get behind. Select your prize, choose your entry methods, and start collecting entries.

You have better things to do than to learn complicated software. Customize the look and feel of your giveaway so it matches your brand, website theme, or promotional event.

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